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Macroplaces in High Level Petri Nets: Application for Design Inbound Call Center.

Anisimov, N.A.; Kishinski, K.; Miloslavski, A.; Postupalski, P.A.

In: Proceedings of the Int. Conference on Information System Analysis and Synthesis (ISAS'96), Orlando, FL, USA, pages 153-160. July 1996.

Abstract: The given work is devoted to the use of the Petri net approach for the construction of formal models, intended as the basis for development of logical structure of inbound call centers. As a formal model for a specification of agents' scenarios we take a formalism called script-net that belongs to a class of high level Petri nets. It is emphasized that scripts describing realworld scenarios are usually extremely complicated and require some means of modularization. In this paper we suggest the extension of high level nets called high level macronets, intended for specification situations which are asynchronous to normal processing of scripts. The model is shown to be a compact notation of high level nets without macroplaces and a corresponding transformation procedure is presented. Some examples are used to illustrate the power of the formalism.

Keywords: CTI; Call center; High level Petri nets; macroplace; exceptions; script.

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