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A Petri Net Based Platform for Developing Communication Software Systems.

Aoyama, M.; Chang, C.K.

In: IEICE Transactions, Vol. E74, No. 10, October 1991, Special Issue on Petri Nets and Discrete Event Systems. 1991.

Abstract: An integrated platform INTEGRAL has been developed for developing large complex communication software systems. At the heart of INTEGRAL, a pair of graphical and textual specification languages, DISCOL (DIStributed Communication-Oriented Language), has been developed based on Petri nets. Around DISCOL, a wide variety of design and analysis tools have been integrated in a coherent manner so that a seamless support from design to verification and testing are made available along with software lifecycle. The platform has been applied to the development of a PEX simulator named UICPBX. In the development, some real communication services have been fully specified with DISCOL. Such experiences have revealed the effectiveness of the proposed techniques.

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