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Modeling and Evaluation of Software Systems with Object Stochastic Activity Networks.

Azgomi, Mohammad Abdollahi; Movaghar, Ali

In: Proceedings of the International Conference on Software Engineering Advances, pages 1-58. 2006.

Abstract: Stochastic activity networks (SANs) are a stochastic generalization of Petri nets. SAN models have been used to evaluate a wide range of systems and are supported by several modeling tools. We have introduced object stochastic activity networks (OSANs) to overcome some restrictions of these models. OSANs integrate the concepts of object-orientation into SAN models. Elements of OSANs and their submodels are defined as classes. OSANs are more appropriate that most other objectoriented or high-level extensions of Petri nets for application on software systems. In this paper, we will present the definitions, behavior and an example of OSAN models. The objectorientation of OSANs and the flexibility of having functions for activities, make these models more appropriate than other extensions of Petri nets for modeling and evaluation of software systems.

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