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Stochastic Petri nets for the reliability analysis of communication network applications with alternate-routing.

Balakrishnan, M.; Trivedi, K.S

In: Reliability Engineering and System Safety, Vol. 52, pages 243-259. Elsevier Science Ltd., 1996.

Abstract: In this paper we present a comparative reliability analysis of an application on a corporate B-ISDN network under various alternate routing protocols. For simple cases, the reliability problem can be cast into fault tree models and solved rapidly by means of known methods. For more complex scenarios, state space (Markov) models are required. However, generation of large state space models can get very labor intensive and error prone. We advocate the use of stochastic reward nets (a variant of stochastic petri nets) for the concise specification, automated generation and solution of alternate-routing protocols in networks. This paper is written in tutorial style.

Keywords: reliability analysis; SPNP; communication networks.

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