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Transforming Specification Architectures by GenGED.

Bardohl, Roswitha; Ermel, Claudia; Padberg, Julia

In: Graph Transformation (ICGT 2002), Proceedings of the First International Conference, Barcelona, Spain, October 7-12, 2002, pages 30-44. Volume 2505 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science / A. Corradini, H. Ehrig, H.-J. Kreowski, G. Rozenberg (Eds.) --- Springer Verlag, October 2002.

Abstract: This contribution concerns transformations of specification architectures which are diagrams of sub-specifications. The graph of a diagram presents the architecture: nodes correspond to sub-specifications and edges to specification morphisms. We do not fix a specific visual specification technique, so this approach is in the tradition of high-level replacement systems.

The main emphasis of this contribution is the specification and transformation of specification architectures using GENGED. In GENGED, a visual language (VL) is defined by a visual alphabet and a visual syntax grammar. We define a VL for specification architectures by composing VLs for graphs and Petri nets enhanced by Petri net morphisms. From this VL definition a syntax-directed editor is generated supporting the editing of consistent specification architectures where local and global changes can easily be defined as transformation rules in our VL and visualized in the GENGED environment.

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