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Methodology for Manifacturing System Performance Analysis Using a SIMAN--Petri Nets Coupling.

Barnichon, D.; Caux, C.; Gourgand, M.

In: ESS'90, Intelligent Process Control and Scheduling Discrete Event Systems. Proceedings of the European Simulations Systems Conference, 1990, Ghent, Belgium, pages 148-152. Society for Computer Simulation International, 1990.

Abstract: This paper presents a graphical formalism and a methodology to model flexible manufacturing systems. Petri nets and the discrete event simulation language part of SIMAN are used. A flexible manufacturing system is divided in two levels: a `physical' one and a `control' one. Petri nets are used to represent the `physical' level, i.e. resources allocations, queues. The SIMAN model is easily deducted from these Petri nets. FORTRAN or C subroutines describe the `control' level. Various policies or scheduling rules can be tested by only modifying FORTRAN subroutines.

Keywords: manifacturing system performance analysis; SIMAN net coupling; resource allocation; queueing system; scheduling rule.

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