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Resource equivalence in workflow nets.

Bashkin, V.A.; Lomazova, I.A.

In: Concurrency, Specification and Programming CS&P'2006, Vol. 1: Concurrency. Informatik-Bericht Nr. 206 der Humbold-Universität zu Berlin, Eds.: G. Lindemann, H. Schlingloff., pages 80-91. September 06.

Abstract: In this work we consider modeling of workflow systems with Petri nets. The problem of replacing some resources by others retaining the correct functioning of the system is studied. The relation of resource s-equivalence is defined. Some properties of this relation are studied. It is proved that s-equivalence is decidable provided the set of all minimal sound resources for a given control state is computable. For structured WF-nets with resources an algorithm checking S-equivalence is presented.

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