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The CAB Protocol - a TTCS Test Suite Generation Case Study.

Baumgarten, B.; Giessler, A.; Paule, C.

In: GMD Report 731, pages 1-141 pp.. 1993.

Abstract: In view of the considerable volume of any realistic test suite, the automatic or semi-automatic generation of test cases from formal protocol descriptions is a promising alternative to their error-prone manual production. In the PROSIT research group we have complemented the ``Product Net Machine'', an existing tool for system design and analysis, by GeneTest, a protocol test generation component. We report on our first experiences with the development of a test suite for the CAB protocol, a simple protocol with some OSI-typical features. In this paper, CAB is specified both informally and in the form of a product net, i.e. a higher level Petri net.

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