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Modeling and simulating temporal constraints in OPenRT.

Bax, M.; Giambiasi, N.

In: Proc. 1996 Simulation Multiconference - Simulators International XIII, 8-11 April 1996, New Orleans, LA, pages 128-133. 1996.

Abstract: Distributed real-time system (DRTS) specification should describe functional and temporal constraints. Indeed, in such systems, functional aspects are closely linked to temporal constraints they have to support. Petri nets are a powerful formalism for the specification and analysis of concurrent systems. Unfortunately, so far little has been done to integrate functional and temporal aspects in a unique extended Petri net formalism. The formalism presented in this paper is based upon temporal object Petri net, and intends to represent the modeling and simulation of control, function, and timing aspects of DRTS specifications. Using OPenRT formalism, designers can simulate functional and timing aspects of DRTS specifications in the same model.

Keywords: OPenRT, Petri nets, discrete-event simulation, model design, real-time systems, software engineering, temporal constraints.

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