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Characterisation of Home States in Free Choice Systems.

Best, Eike; Cherkasova, Ludmila; Desel, Jörg; Esparza, Javier

90: Hildesheimer Informatik-Berichte 9, pages 1-25 pp.. Universität Hildesheim (Germany), Institut für Informatik, September 1990.

Also in: Kwiatkowska, M.Z.; et al.: Semantics for Concurrency. Proceedings of the International BCS-FACS Workshop, 1990, Leicester, UK, pages 16-20. London, UK: Springer (Series: Workshops in Computing), 1990. Extended abstract.

Abstract: Free choice nets allow to model concurrency and nondeterministic choice. Home states are ground states which can be reached from any other reachable marking of a system. Traps are structurally defined parts of a net with the property that if they are marked once, then they will remain marked in any successor marking. The main result of this report characterises the home states of a live and bounded free choice system by the property that all traps are marked. This characterisation leads to a polynomial time algorithm for deciding the home state property. Moreover, a compositional method of generating all home states is defined.

Keywords: home state (in) live (and) bounded free choice system; trap; home state generation (by) composition.

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