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Structure and Behaviour of Concurrent Systems: Selected Results of the Esprit Basic Research Action No. 3148 DEMON (Design Methods Based on Nets).

Best, Eike

90: Hildesheimer Informatik-Berichte 8. Universität Hildesheim (Germany), Institut für Informatik, August 1990.

Abstract: The paper describes a small selection of the results obtained in the project so far. It shows how an indigenous proof technique of Petri nets can be brought to bear on an existing programming language, namely occam. A Petri net semantics of occam is described. Both the benefits and problems associated with such a semantics are sketched. The project has given a semantics for a large subset of occam including all operators, variables, and the priority constructs PRI ALT and PRI PAR.

Keywords: structure (and) behaviour (of)concurrent system; Demon; design methods (based on nets); net semantics (of) Occam.

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