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Petri Net Control of an Automated Manufacturing Cell.

Boucher, T.O.; Jafari, M.A.; Meredith, G.A.

In: Advanced Manufacturing Engineering, Vol. 2, No. 3, pages 151-157. July 1990.

Abstract: This paper discusses the Petri net approach to real-time production control. Petri nets were developed to model concurrent and asynchronous systems. Having modelled a machining cell or a production system as a Petri net, one can analyse the effects of controller behaviour on the system before implementing the controller. Petri net principles are illustrated for a machining cell. Observations are made concerning the difference between a Petri net controller and a programmable logic controller for the same application.

Keywords: net control (of an) automated manufacturing cell; real-time production control; programmable logic controller.

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