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A Migrating Data-Driven Architecture for Multidimensional Signal Processing.

Brofferio, S.; Mastronardi, G.; Rampa, V.

In: Signal Processing: Image Communication, Vol. 3, No. 2--3, pages 249-257. June 1991.

Abstract: Efficient architectures for multidimensional signal processing have to take into account algorithm requirements and technology bounds. Using a top-down approach, the algorithm is represented by modified Petri nets graphs so that both concurrency and execution control can be formally represented for its implementation on a data-driven machine. A modular architecture based on migrating-data-driven processors (MDDP) is then defined. The architecture of the MDDP is discussed at the functional and logical levels.

Keywords: migrating data-driven architecture (for) multidimensional signal processing; modified net; top-down approach; modular architecture.

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