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Integrated Environment for Software System Development.

Camennova, M.S.; Semik, V.P.

In: Schwartzel, H.; et al.: Advanced Information Processing. Proceedings of a Joint Symposium on Information Processing and Software Systems Design Automation, 1990, Moscow, USSR, pages 66-73. Berlin, Germany: Springer-Verlag, 1990.

Abstract: The organization of effective parallel information handling is closely connected with the methodology of parallel program development and execution on transputer arrays (TA), the development of language and programming systems for its effective implementation on TA. An approach for the design and analysis of complex software systems for concurrent implementation is described. This approach is based on a static and dynamic software design modeling. The static modeling is based on the principles of the complex system structured analysis; the dynamic modeling is based on the theory of Petri nets.

Keywords: integrated environment (for) software development; parallel information handling; transputer array; dynamic modeling.

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