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Structured Representation of FMS Integrating SI-Nets and High Level Petri Nets.

Camurri, Antonio; Frixione, Marcello

In: Appl. Artif. Intell., Vol. 4, No. 2, pages 109-131. July 1990.

Abstract: In this paper a structured knowledge-based approach to the representation and scheduling of flexible manufacturing systems (FMSs) is described. The approach is based on a structured conceptual representation extended with an instant-based temporal reasoning formalism and integrates a particular extension to high-level Petri nets and structured timed colored Petri nets (STCPNs). In particular, the authors show that an STCPN-based model can be automatically derived starting from the symbolic component of the system. A particular FMS case study, regarding a class of problems of resource-constrained multiproject scheduling is discussed.

Keywords: structured representation (of) flexible manufacturing system; SI net; high level net; structured timed coloured net; scheduling.

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