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Notes on Algebras of Processes Represented by Petri Nets.

Cherkasova, L.A.

In: 1988: Informatik Informationen, Reporte, Nr. 16, pages 93-104. Akademie der Wissenschaften der DDR, Institut für Informatik und Rechentechnik, 1988.

Abstract: Among formal models proposed to specify concurrent systems and processes three main groups emerged: net models, algebraic calculi and process logics. Net models providing a good insight into structural properties of design concurrent systems do not contain sufficient support for the validation of behavioural properties. The algebraic and logical calculi are more suitable for the analysis and verifying behavioural properties. It would be more convenient if both descriptive and analytical parts of a modelling theory were based on the same set of basic notions. In this paper, a new approach is explained informally, by the examples.

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