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On state avoidance policies for nonordinary controlled Petri nets with uncontrollable transitions.

Cho, Y.C.; Moon, H.J.; Kwon, W.H.

In: IEICE Trans. on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Science, Vol. E81-A, No. 11, pages 2426-2432. 1998.

Abstract: In this paper, a new method is proposed for solving forbidden state problems in non-ordinary controlled Petri nets (NCPNs) with uncontrollable transitions. Using a precedence subnet and a boundary subnet with decision-free properties, the behavior of markings are analyzed structurally. An efficient algorithm is presented for calculating the number of total tokens in forbidden places reachable from a marking. This paper derives necessary and sufficient conditions for identifying admissible markings and boundary markings in terms of the precedence subnet and the boundary subnet.

Keywords: decision-free subnets, feedback control, forbidden states, nonordinary Petri nets.

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