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Finite Processes in Cause-Effect Structures and Their Composition.

Czaja, Ludwick

In: Information Processing Letters, Vol. 31, No. 6, pages 305-310. 1989.

Abstract: Cause-effect structures (c-e structures) are equivalent to condition/event Petri net methods. The behaviour of such a structure is defined in terms of its state and its rules of changing the states. Here, its behaviours are defined as a set of processes which may happen in it. Each process is a finite, partial sequence of occurrences of actions from the structure. Although such a concept of processes stems from intuitions which led to occurrence nets, the construction in this paper is different: it avoids the notion of ``cases'' and proceeds by induction. This ensures that both semantics of a c-e structure, expressed by processes and by sequences of states, are consistent.

Keywords: cause-effect structure semantics; process composition; condition/event net occurrence net.

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