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Modelling Systems by Cause-Effect Structures.

Czaja, L.

In: Informatik, Informationen, Reporte, Nr. 12, 1990; Proceedings of the 3rd Seminar on Modelling, Evaluation and Optimization of Dependable Computer Systems, 1990, Wendisch Rietz, Germany, pages 69-90. Berlin, Germany: Institut für Informatik und Rechentechnik, 1990.

Abstract: Cause-effect (C-E) structures are a description tool for concurrent systems. Its formal expressive power is equivalent to that of Petri nets. However, in theory and in applications, C-E structures offer some other techniques for system design and analysis. These techniques combine the appeal of pictorial representation of systems, sometimes resembling their real appearance, with the convenience of algebraic calculus in building large structures from small parts. A C-E structure is a directed graph in which predecessors and successors of each node are grouped.

Keywords: system modelling (by) cause-effect structure; pictorial representation; algebraic calculus.

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