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Some Aspects to the Graphical Design of Software.

Däne, Bernd; Unger, Herwig; Achour, Khaled Ben; Fengler, Wolfgang

In: Joubert, G.R.; Trystram, D.; Peters, F.J.; Evans, D.J.: Parallel Computing: Trends and Applications, Proceedings of ParCo93, Grenoble, France, 7-10 September 1993, pages 597-600. Elsevier, 1994.

Abstract: Petri Nets have proved to be an efficient tool for solving a lot of problems in the field of automation and systems design. The paper shows new advantages in the use of nets for finding software solutions for multiprocessor systems in process automation. The concept of the CASE tool SATURN introduced in this report is a well-usable one because it combines formal methods with a highly plastic graphic representation and a clear interface.

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