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Computer Aided Multi-paradigm Modelling to Process Petri-Nets and Statecharts.

de Lara, Juan; Vangheluwe, Hans

In: Graph Transformation (ICGT 2002), Proceedings of the First International Conference, Barcelona, Spain, October 7-12, 2002, pages 239-253. Volume 2505 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science / A. Corradini, H. Ehrig, H.-J. Kreowski,G. Rozenberg (Eds.) --- Springer Verlag, October 2002.

Abstract: This paper proposes a Multi-Paradigm approach to the modelling of complex systems. The approach consists of the combination of meta-modelling, multi-formalism modelling, and modelling at multiple levels of abstraction. We implement these concepts in AToM3, A Tool for Multi-formalism, Meta-Modelling. In AToM3, modelling formalisms are modelled in their own right at a meta-level within an appropriate formalism. AToM3 uses the information found in the meta-models to automatically generate tools to process (create, edit, check, optimize, transform and generate simulators for) the models in the described formalism. Model processing is described at a meta-level by means of models in the graph grammar formalism. As an example, meta-models for both syntax and semantics of Statecharts (without hierarchy) and Petri-Nets are presented. This includes a graph grammar modelling the transformation between Statecharts and Petri-Nets.

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