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Integrated architecture modeling of real-time concurrent systems with applications in FMS.

Deng, Yi; Wang, Jiacun; Sinha, Rakesh

In: Proc. of the 10th Int. Conf. on Software Eng. and Knowledge Eng., June 18-20, 1998, pages 34-43. 1998.

Abstract: A Real-time Architectural Specification (RAS) model and its application in the modeling of flexible manufacturing system (FMS) are presented. An FMS is a typical real-time concurrent system. The growing demand for higher performance and flexibility in these systems and the interlocking factors of concurrency, deadline-driven activities, and real-time decision making pose a significant challenge in FMS design, especially in terms of control and scheduling. A formal engineering approach that helps handle the complexity and dynamics of FMS modeling, design and analysis is needed. RAS combines mature Time Petri nets and Real-Time Computational Tree Logic to form an integrated system model for architectural specification and analysis of real-time concurrent systems such as FMS.

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