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Response time densities in generalised stochastic petri net models.

Dingle, Nicholas J.; Harrison, Peter G.; Knottenbelt, William J.

In: Simonetta Balsamo, Paola Inverardi, Bran Selic (Eds.): Proceedings of the third international workshop on Software and performance (WOSP 2002), Rome, Italy, pages 46-54. ACM Press, 2002.

Abstract: Generalised Stochastic Petri nets (GSPNs) have been widely used to analyse the performance of hardware and software systems. This paper presents a novel technique for the numerical determination of response time densities in GSPN models. The technique places no structural restrictions on the models that can be analysed, and allows for the high-level specification of multiple source and destination markings, including any combination of tangible and vanishing markings. The technique is implemented using a scalable parallel Laplace transform inverter that employs a modified Laguerre inversion technique. We present numerical results, including a study of the full distribution of end-to-end response time in a GSPN model of the Courier communication protocol software. The numerical results are validated against simulation.

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