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A Formal Net Specification of the Communication in a Distributed Fast Reactor Diagnostic System.

Eggert, H.

In: Proceedings of the IWGFR Specialists' Meeting on Advanced Controls for Fast Reactors, 1989, Argonne, Illinois, USA, pages 2.220-2.242. Vienna (Austria): International Atomic Energy Agency, International Working Group on Fast Reactors, 1989.

Abstract: The Predicate/Transition Nets provide very compact net specifications; so it is possible to describe a concurrent system in a formal manner and to validate its causal behavior already during the design phase. For the verification of net specifications computer tools are an absolute necessity. In the considered case the operating system UNIX is available with a special Petri Net Tool PROVER (PRedicate/Transition Net Oriented VERification System). In this environment a net specification was developed which provides a formal description of an application protocol for a communication system. This communication system is the central part of the distributed Fast Reactor Diagnostic System DESYRE (Diagnostic Expert SYstem for REactor Surveillance).

Keywords: net specification (of) communication; distributed reactor diagnostic system; PROVER, predicate/transition net (oriented) verification system; DESYRE, diagnostic expert system (for) reactor surveillance.

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