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Rule-Based Design Methodology for Solving Control Problems.

Etessami, F.A.; Hura, G.S.

In: IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, Vol. 17, No. 3, pages 274-282. March 1991.

Abstract: A rule-based design methodology for solving control problems is presented. For the representation of various constraints, activities, and other dependency properties of the control problem, abstract Petri nets (APNs) which are an extended form of Petri net modeling are used as a specification and formalism tool which can be analyzed using the analysis techniques of Petri-net-based models. The APN provides a compact, consistent, and verifiable description of the dynamic behaviour of the system. An example which shows the APN modeling of an elevator system is given.

Keywords: rule-based design methodology (for solving) control problem(s); abstract net; extended form (of) net modelling; elevator system; (high-level) interaction.

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