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Petri nets and hybrid state Markov processes in a power hierarchy of dependability models.

Everdij, M.H.C.; Blom, H.A.P.

In: Proceedings IFAC Conference on Analysis and Design of Hybrid Systems, pages 355-360. June 2003.

Abstract: This paper extends the power hierarchy of dependability models developed by Malhotra and Trivedi (1994) and Muppala et al. (2000) to include Piecewise Deterministic Markov Processes (PDP) and PDP-related Petri Nets. PDPs are known as the largest class of continuous-time hybrid state Markov processes not involving diffusions. Since Petri Nets have proven to be extremely useful in developing Markov process models of complex practical processes, there is a clear need for a type of Petri Net that can play such role for developing PDP models. This paper defines such Petri Nets and shows their relation to PDPs and other Petri Nets.

Keywords: Hierarchies; Markov models; Petri Nets; Hybrid modes; Modelling.

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