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Trace Channel Nets.

Fanchon, Jean

In: Donatelli, Susanna; Kleijn, Jetty: Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 1630: Application and Theory of Petri Nets 1999, 20th International Conference, ICATPN'99, Williamsburg, Virginia, USA, pages 304-323. Springer-Verlag, June 1999.

Abstract: We present a new class of nets which includes and extends both Coloured Nets and Fifo Nets by defining weights on edges and markings of places as traces on a concurrent (trace) alphabet. Considering different independence relations on the alphabet, from the maximal one to the empty one (yielding words), Trace Channel Nets open a hierarchy of semantics on a single net structure. Furthermore a field of investigation results from the relationship between the independence on the alphabet and the behaviours of the net. In particular we show that the boundedness of a TCNet is related to particular independence relations, maximal w.r.t. boundedness, that TCNets can be applied to the study of Communicating Finite State Machines (using communication through a trace channel), and that they define a hierarchy of partial order semantics for Nets.

Keywords: Mazurkiewicz traces, Fifo Nets, Coloured Nets, concurrency, asynchronous communication, concurrent automata, recognizability..

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