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Reduction Method of Coloured Petri nets.

Favrel, Joel; Wu, Hanjie; Lee, Kwang Hyung

In: Shenyang, China; Vol. 2: Proceedings of the 1988 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, 1988, Beijing, pages 984-987. 1988.

Abstract: The authors present a method for the reduction of CPN (colored Petri nets) that is an extension of generalized Petri net reduction methods proposed previously. As in the preceding methods, the reduction is based on the structure of nets but not on their dynamic behavior. This approach conserves such important properties as liveness, boundedness, and proper termination, and it can facilitate the analysis of CPN. After discussing the invertibility of functions associated with the arcs in the CPN, the authors present some results on CPN reduction.

Keywords: coloured net reduction; liveness; boundedness; termination; invertibility (of functions).

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