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Computer Aided Design of Sequence Control by Petri Nets.

Ferrarini, L.; Maffezzoni, C.; Villa, G.

In: IFAC Proceedings Series, No. 15; Proceedings of the IFAC Symposium on Low Cost Automation Techniques, Components and Instruments, Applications, 1989, Milan, Italy, pages 229-234. Elmsford, NY, USA: Pergamon Press, 1990.

Abstract: The present paper is aimed at defining a conceptual and practical CAD environment for logical controllers. A model is proposed based on a special version of Petri Net, suited to deal, at different abstraction level, with industrial process control system implementing sequential functions. After considering basic engineering requirements the attention is focused on the testing problem. Testing/analysis algorithms and simulation supporting the systematic validation of the design are discussed.

Keywords: computer aided design (of) sequence control (by nets); industrial process control system; design validation.

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