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Building executable models from expert conceptual models.

Frydman, C.; Torres, L.; Giambiasi, N.

In: Proc. 1996 Simulation Multiconference - Simulators International XIII, 8-11 April 1996, New Orleans, LA, pages 173-178. 1996.

Abstract: A model of a real-time system includes general, implementation independent specifications as well as some specifications that are dependent on implementation constraints. These specifications allow a transition from the conceptual model to an executable one. This paper proposes an approach to building, from a conceptual model, dependent upon expert's analysis specified in KADS methodology, an executable model in the form of of a hierarchical interpreted timed Petri net.

Keywords: conceptual models, executable models, hierarchical Petri nets, interpreted Petri nets, real-time systems, timed Petri nets.

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