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Modeling of the supervisory control system of a multipurpose batch plant.

Gonnet, S.; Chiotti, O.

In: Computers and Chemical Engineering, Vol. 23, No. 4-5, pages 611-622. 1999.

Abstract: A supervisory control of a multipurpose batch plant supervises that the plant is operated according to the schedule of production orders set by the scheduling module. The supervisory control depends on the plant topology, which is not defined a priori but generated while scheduling the production orders. This requires that the supervisory control system be able to generate the control structure after the generation of plant topologies. In the first part of this work we present a framework to represent the supervisory control of an order driven multipurpose batch plant. The framework is based on a strategy that uses Petri nets to describe and analyze the supervisory control of a process. This strategy permits the automation of the modeling of the supervisory control. Based on this framework we developed a supervisory control support system (SCSS) of an order driven multipurpose batch plant. In the second part of this work we present a description of an object oriented analysis and design of this SCSS.

Keywords: Petri nets, batch plants, supervisory control systems.

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