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A UML and Petri net integrated modeling method for business processes in virtual enterprises.

Gou, H.; Huang, B.; Ren, S.

In: Proc. 2000 AAAI Symposium - Bringing Knowledge to Business Processes, 20-22 March 2000, Stanford, CA, pages 142-144. 2000.

Abstract: The virtual enterprise is an important organization pattern for future enterprises, one of whose major functions is the distributed and parallel business process execution. The paper aims at the study of business process modeling in virtual enterprises. Based on the object-oriented description of business processes in virtual enterprises, the paper proposes an integrated approach based on UML and Petri nets. The method provides an integrative framework supporting requirement description, model specification and design, model analysis and simulation, and model implementation.

Keywords: Petri nets, UML, business process modeling, model analysis, model design, model implementation, model simulation, model specification, requirement description.

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