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A unified component modeling approach for performance estimation in hardware/software codesign.

Grode, J.; Madsen, J.

In: Proc. 24th EUROMICRO Conference, 25-27 August 1998, Vasteras, Sweden, Vol. 1, pages 65-69. 1998.

Abstract: This paper presents an approach to abstract modeling of hardware/software architectures using hierarchical colored Petri nets. The approach is able to capture complex behavioral characteristics often seen in software and hardware architectures, thus it is suitable for high-level codesign issues such as performance estimation. In this paper, the development of a model of the ARM7 processor is described to illustrate the full potential of the modeling approach. To further illustrate the approach, a cache model is also described. The approach and related tools are currently being developed in the LYCOS system.

Keywords: LYCOS, colored Petri nets, hardware/software codesign, hierarchical Petri nets, performance estimation.

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