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The Short Term Scheduling Technique Based on Timed Petri-Net Representation for Multiproduct Batch Plants.

Gu, Tianlong; Cai, Guoyong; Bahri, Parisa A.

In: Control Theory & Application, 17(6):, pages 933-936. December 2000.

Abstract: Production scheduling is one of the important problems in multiproduct batch plants. Timed Petri nets-based approach has been shown to be a very promising way to handle it. In this paper, we present timed Petri nets-based formulation approach for multiproduct batch plants with complicated intermediate storage policies, such as: unlimited intermediate storage(UIS), no intermediate storage(NIS), finite intermediate storage(FIS), and mixed intermediate storage(MIS). Also, a modified branch & bound and timed-place Petri nets execution algorithm is developed for short-term scheduling of multiproduct batch plants. Through case study, the effectiveness of the proposed approach and algorithm are illustrated.

Keywords: discrete event systems, timed Petri nets, batch plants, multiproduct, scheduling.

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