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Stochastic Petri Net Models of Distributed Simulation Using Ethernet.

Guha, R.K.; Bassiouni, M.; Dickinson, A.; Roy, D.; Fischer, M.C.

Technical Report No. CS--TR--90--06, pages 1-56 pp.. University of Central Florida, Orlando (USA), Department of Computer Science, 1990.

Also as: 7/XAD: Report No. AD--A229 216, pages 1-58 pp.. University of Central Florida, Orlando, USA, September 1990. Changed title: Performance of Distributed Simulation Using Multiple Segment Ethernet Communication Networks (Final Report Feb-Aug 90).

Abstract: This paper presents the work with the generalized stochastic Petri net (GSPN) models of a simulation network similar to SIMNET, a distributed system of training connected simulators. The models use a global approach to represent the details of the interaction among the stations. In the first GSPN model, sixteen chains are used to capture the state of transmission for the sixteen attempts allowed for each node. Two modification of this model are obtained by introducing approximations that allow the execution of networks with a larger number of nodes while maintaining a good degree of accuracy. Results of important performance measures obtained from the three models are presented.

Keywords: performance (of) distributed simulation; ethernet communication network; local area network; generalized stochastic net; SIMNET; connected simulator.

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