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Group-nets and strict-group-nets.

Guillou, Goulven

In: Petri Net Newsletter Vol. 67, Special Interest Groups on Petri Nets and Related Systems Models, Oct. 2004, Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V., pages 17-25. 2004.

Abstract: By modifying the firing rule of Petri nets, we define strict-Z-nets and we generalize the latter to strict-G-nets for an arbitrary group G. We show that strict-Z-nets are an extension of pure Petri nets and we classify strict-G-nets for various groups G with respect to usual classes of Petri nets. In order to cover both stict-Z-nets and general Petri nets, we add to our nets new arcs with relaxed firing conditions, thus obtaining Z-nets, and more generally group-nets. We conclude by comparing group-nets with Petri nets.

Keywords: Petri nets.

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