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Modelling Oral Message Solution Protocols for Agreement Problems in Fault-Tolerant Distributed Systems Using Predicate/Transition Nets.

Halkola, Tapio; Johansson, Kaj; Ojala, Leo

Series A: Research Reports, No. 1. Espoo, Finland: Helsinki Unversity of Technology, Digital Systems Laboratory, August 1987.

Abstract: Some basic agreement protocols for fault-tolerant distributed systems are modelled using predicate/transition nets. The main emphasis is laid on the solution protocol for the Consensus Problem; it is based on the solution protocols for the Interactive Consistency Problem and the so-called Generals Problem. System properties of the resulting nets are studied using net-theoretical methods.

Keywords: modelling oral message solution protocol(s) (for) agreement problems (in) fault-tolerant distributed systems (using) predicate/transition net(s); consensus problem; interactive consistency problem; generals problem.

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