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A Class of Conflict-Free Petri Nets used for Controlling Manufacturing Systems.

Harhalakis, G.; Leventopoulos, M.; Lin, C.P.; Nagi, R.; Proth, J.-M.

In: Rapport de recherche No. 1908, INRIA. 1993.

Abstract: This paper is devoted to the behavior evaluation and management of non-cyclic discrete systems, and in particular manufacturing systems. We introduce a special type of Petri nets called CFIOs (Conflict Free nets with Input and Output transitions). It is shown that CFIOs are live, and if consistent, they can be kept bounded and are reversible. We also develop reduction rules which facilitate the computation of the t-invariants of CFIOs. We then show how to take advantage of the qualitative properties of CFIOs to perform planning in manufacturing systems. Numerical examples illustrate these approaches.

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