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Scoresynth: A System for the Synthesis of Music Scores Based on Petri Nets and a Music Algebra.

Haus, Goffredo; Sametti, Alberto

In: IEEE Computer, Vol. 24, No. 7, pages 56-60. July 1991.

Abstract: Scoresynth is a flexible program that uses Petri nets (PNs) and algorithms for describing, processing and synthesizing music scores in a manner closer to `music thinking and perception' than can be achieved with conventional music notation. The system employs music objects, which are any simple, complex or abstract musical entity, at PN nodes to describe information, with transformation rules and causal relationships between entities assigned to PN parameters and structures. Scoresynth algorithms enable the transformation of various parameters of sound and firing of notes during transitions of the PN.

Keywords: Scoresynth; synthesis (of) music score (based on) petri net (and) music algebra; music composition.

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