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Extended Performability Modeling Using Dynamic Queing Networks.

Haverkort, B.R.; Niemegeers, I.G.

Technische Univ. Twente, Enschede (The Netherlands), Dept. of Computer Science, MEMO-INF-89-15, 27 pp. pages, February 1989.

Abstract: Dynamic queuing networks are presented. Product-form queuing networks are used for modeling performance aspects, and generalized stochastic Petri nets for fault-tolerance aspects. A Markovian model that describes the dynamic structure of the computer system is constructed using the Petri net. An algorithm is used to obtain performance metrics. The proposed model allows existing performability models, and more complicated performability aspects of distributed systems, such as recovery, routing and reconfiguration, to be assessed.

Keywords: performance; dynamic queing network; generalized stochastic net; fault-tolerance; reconfiguration; recovery.

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