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Modelagem conceitual de sistemas. (Preliminary edition).

Heuser, Carlos A.

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Editorial Kapelusz S.A., January 1989.

Abstract: This text is an introduction to conceptual systems modelling. Instead of describing the various techniques known from literature, this appraoch introduces Petri nets as a formalism for conceptual modelling. They serve as foundation for explaining the basic concepts of conceptual modelling as well as other modelling approaches. Topics include channel/agency nets, refining and coarsening of nets (allowing the construction of ``structured'' system models), high-level Petri nets with condition/event semantics, modelling of static system properties with nets, and, finally, the entity/relationship approach from a Petri net point of view. The text is based on lecture notes developed by the author in 1987 and 1988 for a post-graduate course in Computer Science at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul.

Keywords: conceptual (systems) modelling, >introductory book; channel/agency net; refining; coarsening; high-level net; condition/event semantics; entity relationship approach.

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