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Using Petri Nets to Introduce Operating System Concepts.

Jeffrey, J.M.

In: SIGCSE Bulletin Vol. 23, No. 1; Proceedings of the SIGCSE Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education, 1991, San Antonio, TX, USA, pages 324-329. March 1991.

Abstract: The use of the graphical aspects of Petri net theory as a tool to introduce operating system concepts is given. It is shown how a minimal amount of Petri net theory can be applied to problems often discussed in an operating systems course. Examples of models for the concept of deadlocks, for the deadlock detection algorithm, and the fork/join and parbegin/parend concurrency constructs are shown. In addition, discussion of how Petri net models are utilized to introduce Ada rendezvous solutions of classic problems, such as producer/consumer with a ring-buffer, is given.

Keywords: operating system; deadlocks detection algorithm; fork/join; parbegin/parend;constructs; Ada rendezvous solution; producer/consumer; ring-buffer.

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