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Modelling Solutions for Agreement Problems in Fault-Tolerant Distributed Systems Using Predicate/Transition Nets.

Johansson, K.; Halkola, T.; Ojala, L.

In: Janicki, R.; et al.: Computing and Information. Proceedings of the International Conference ICCI'89, 1989, Toronto, Ont., Canada, pages 177-185. Amsterdam, The Netherlands: North-Holland, 1989.

Abstract: Some basic agreement protocols for fault-tolerant distributed systems have been modelled using predicate/transition nets. The main emphasis has been laid on the solution protocol for the consensus problem; it is based on the solution protocols for the interactive consistency problem and the so-called general problem. System properties of the resulting nets have been studied using net-theoretical methods.

Keywords: agreement problem; fault-tolerant distributed system; predicate/transition nets; consensus problem; consistency problem.

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