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A Retargetable Environment for Power-Aware Code Evaluation: An Approach Based on Coloured Petri Net.

Junior, Meuse N.O.; Maciel, Paulo; Lima, Ricardo; Ribeiro, Angelo; Oliveira, Cesar; Arcoverde, Adilson; Barreto, Raimundo; Tavares, Eduardo; Amorin, Leornado

In: Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 3728, pages 49-58. 2005.

Abstract: This paper presents an approach for power-aware code exploration, through an analysis mechanism based on Coloured Petri Net (CPN). Given a code under interest and a CPN description of architecture, a CPN model of application (processor + code) is generated. Coloured Petri Net models allow the application of widespread analysis approaches, for instance simulation and/or state-space exploration. Additionally, this work presents a framework where a widespread CPN tool is applied to processor architecture description, model validation and analysis by simulation. A Petri net integration environment was extended in order to support specific power-aware analysis. In the present approach, such framework is focused on the Embedded Systems context, covering pipeline-less and simplescalar architectures.

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