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Multi-level documentation of organizational architectures and processes.

Keller, Rudolf K.; Garg, Anurag; Noaman, Amin; Tao, Tao

In: Proceedings of the 12th annual international conference on Systems documentation: technical communications at the great divide, 1994 , Banff, Alberta, Canada, pages 139-144. ACM Press, October 1994.

Abstract: The modelling and analysis of organizational architectures and processes should be complemented with adequate documentation such as forms, database information, pieces of software, and anecdotal experience. The resulting models are not only more expressive and useful, but may also serve as on-line training vehicles and means for communication in a multi-person environment. They can be seen as multi-level documentation of the underlying architectures and processes, comprising both formal and informal elements, and allowing for the execution of their formal parts.These concepts are being validated in Macrotec, an environment for organizational modelling and analysis, which is complemented with Hypertec, a hypertext-based component supporting authoring, display and navigation of the documentation that cannot be captured in the formal part of our models. In this paper, we shall discuss Macrotec and Hypertec, illustrate our approach with an example and report on our experience at applying it.

Keywords: action workflow; business process reengineering; computer-supported cooperative work; documentation; hypertext; information system; organizational modelling; Petri net.

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