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Design of a communication scheme for a distributed controller architecture using stochastic Petri nets.

Kelling, C.; Henz, J.; Hommel, G.

In: Proc. 3-rd Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Real-Time Systems, 25 April 1995, Santa Barbara, CA, pages 147-154. 1995.

Abstract: This paper describes a modeling project that was established to support the design of a distributed controller system. An anthropomorphic robot hand is the target system. Stochastic Petri net models for different communication schemes were developed in order to predict the performance of the considered systems. For a given workload a bus communication cannot be used, but two alternative ring structures are able to meet the predefined timing requirements. Design and performance evaluation of the models was realized using the new Petri net tool, TimeNET, which allows modeling with non-Markovian Petri nets and combines a graphical user interface with powerful solution and simulation methods.

Keywords: TimeNET, communication protocols, performance evaluation, simulation techniques, software tools, stochastic Petri nets.

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