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High-Level-Net Semantics of a Real-Time Prototyping Language.

Krämer, Bernd; Luqi,; Berzins, Valdis

Arbeitspapiere der GMD Nr. 507, pages 1-55 pp.. St. Augustin, Germany: Gesellschaft für Mathematik und Datenverarbeitung mbH, February 1991.

Abstract: The denotational semantics of the Prototype System Description Language PSDL is formally described in terms of an algebra-based Petri net model in this paper. The language is derived from a dataflow model that is augmented by data abstraction facilities and application-oriented timing and control constraints. In the Petri net model, each net is associated with a many-sorted partial algebra and is labeled with terms and marked with data of that algebra. The algebra serves to interpret the built-in and user-defined data types and fuctions of a specification, while the net defines a partial order semantics of its dynamic behavior.

Keywords: high-level net semantics (of) a real-time prototyping language; denotational semantics (of the) prototype system description language PSDI; algebra-based net; dataflow model; data abstraction; timing constraint; partial order semantics.

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