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Modeling and analysis of a multiple agent-based key recovery protocol by extended cryptographic timed Petri nets.

Lim, S.; Kang, S.; Ham, H.; Kim, T.

In: Proc. Int. Conf. on Communications in Computing, 26-29 June 2000, Las Vegas, NV, pages 1-7. 2000.

Abstract: When a receiver of a ciphertext message cannot decrypt the message due to the fact that he has lost his private key, the private key of the receiver and session key of the message need to be recovered. This paper demonstrates how a new type of multiple agent-based key recovery protocol can be modeled and analyzed. The proposed protocol is characterized by a key encapsulation approach and modeled by a new pictorial model, an extended cryptographic timed Petri net (ECTPN). Secure information flow and reachability of a session key are verified by using a reachability graph of the ECTPN.

Keywords: cryptographic Petri nets, key recovery protocols, multiple agent systems, reachability analysis, secure information flow, timed Petri nets.

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