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Modelling and Analysis of the CES Protocol of H.245.

Liu, Lin; Billington, Jonathan

In: 3rd Workshop and Tutorial on Practical Use of Coloured Petri Nets and the CPN Tools, pages 95-114. 29-31 August 2001.

Abstract: This paper analyses part of ITU-T recommendation H.245, "Control protocol for multimedia communication". This is a pilot study of an ongoing project on modelling and analysing Internet multimedia communication standards with Coloured Petri Nets (CPNs). The Capability Exchange Signalling (CES) protocol of H.245 is modelled with CPNs. Analysis of the models shows that this protocol performs well in general, but some inadequacies also have been found. Firstly, this protocol could fail if the wrapping of the sequence numbers used by the protocol can happen, no matter whether the underlying medium of this protocol is reliable or not. Secondly, if the problem with sequence number wrap can be avoided, then, when the transport medium is unreliable, this protocol may be inefficient.

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