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An Approach Towards the Verification of Expert Systems Using Numerical Petri Nets.

Liu, N.K.; Dillon, T.

In: International Journal of Intelligent Systems, Vol. 6, No. 3, pages 255-276. 1991.

Abstract: A method of transforming the production rules into a numerical Petri nets (NPNs) model is proposed. These NPNs are high level nets that are necessary to effectively model production rules. The net model is then analysed by using a computer-aided tool to perform reachability analysis. An algorithm is given to generate the reachability set of the nets. This allows the verification of the correctness, consistency, and completeness of the knowledge base.

Keywords: verification (of) expert system (using) numerical net; high level net; net tool; reachability analysis; verification (of) correctness, consistency, completeness (of) knowledge base.

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